Tintagel Castle

I’m just back from a wonderful trip to Cornwall. Of course, being a history buff, a stop by Tintagel was a must. What a fabulous place! Even though I’d seen pictures of it prior to my visit, I wasn’t prepared for how absolutely stunning it is. To say the setting is magical doesn’t begin to cover it. We were there on a slightly cloudy day – it added to the moody atmosphere no end. My imagination ran wild with what it would have been like back in the 1200-1300s on a stormy night. And did I get a story out of it? Of course! Highly recommended.

Tintagel 4Tintagel 2Tintagel 1

A New You at the Old Yew

We that live in this land called England are blessed. I’ve lived in other countries of the world, and no place did the plants speak to me like they do here. Perhaps that’s why they are such a big part of my novels. Not only are the hedgerows and fields full of plants that are useful for physical healing, but there are many that provide healing of a different sort.

This last weekend I visited an ancient yew in the churchyard of Compton Dundon.

Ancient Yew

Estimated to be some 1700 years old, standing in the presence of this elder was magical. Does one walk away the same person from such a profound experience? The energy and peace emanating from this sacred tree touches me even now. With an open and loving heart, you can become a new you at the old yew.

Family Time

My nephew got married last weekend to a wonderful woman – congratulations to them!  With my family spread out all over the world now – from England to America to Germany to China – we are truly a world-nation. I was just so happy that I could be there. It was fabulous seeing members of my family that I hadn’t seen for ages and meeting new ones!



A Very English Christmas near Stamford

What could be better than listening to Christmas carols as I’m preparing for Christmas dinner with the family? Out of the kitchen window I see beautiful stone houses and rich fields when suddenly, a barn owl swoops by. He’s out hunting in the fields that have supported the succulent fare that I am about to sit down and enjoy. And then I give thanks for the bounty of this land, I’m grateful to Mother Earth for providing for us and the owls. I’m grateful that my entire family can be here this year. And I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas, Happy Solstice and a wonderful New Year!