My Agent – ahhhhhhh!

That is the sound of a satisfied sigh. I can now finally announce that I am officially represented by literary agent Sarah Taylor from the Kate Nash Agency! It’s a giant leap forward in the writer’s journey to becoming a published author. Wednesday, I joined Sarah and some of the other clients for Afternoon Tea at the London Book Fair. I assure you it all felt surreal as I sipped Prosecco in the Hilton London Olympia, talked writing and shared the journey with other writers and authors. And later as I wandered through the stalls and crowds at the Book Fair itself, taking in the sheer volume of business conducted in the literary world, I felt very, very grateful indeed that I now have someone handling that end of things for me. And did I actually sleep that night? Or was it on a cloud? I think I finally drifted off about 4am – excitement does that to me.

And what happens now? Happily, I get back to writing (my thing) while she finds me a publisher (her thing). And it all comes in rhythm with a spate of writing events – tomorrow a masterclass on Narrative Voice with Jacob Ross, the Leicester Writers’ Club annual writing retreat in the Cotswolds in early May, a Tudor event at Kenilworth Castle (research of course), and an event on self-publisizing at the Stratford Literary Festival. It’s starting to feel like a writer’s life!

I send my gratitude to the Universe for this step and open my heart to the next!



Yes, folks, it’s finally happened. I got THE CALL from an agent yesterday.

How do I feel? Over the moon! It’s really nice to have someone as excited about my writing as I am (OK maybe that’s exaggerating it a little – after all, NO ONE could be as excited about my writing as I am).

Can’t get too ahead of myself – negotiations in progress after all. But things are looking much, much rosier than they have been. One more step on the road taken. One step closer. I feel a shift in energy that has me both excited and calmer. A weird and wonderful combination that for now, I’m just going to enjoy!


That Elusive Agent

What’s the difference between waiting and being patient? The definition of waiting is the action of staying where one is or delaying action until a particular time or event, whereas the definition of patience is being able to accept or tolerate delays, problems, or suffering without becoming annoyed or anxious.

Of course, I’m talking agents and their timetables here. At the best times, we newby writers turn our handcrafted, lovingly created manuscripts over to an agent – and then we wait. I compounded this by turning mine over to an agent who then had a baby – more delay! But this is the long game, isn’t it?

Finally she’s contacted me saying she likes the story – do I have more books planned? What’s it like to get that email? It feels pretty good! I sent her the synopsis of the next book in the series that I am currently writing along with my other ideas. That was last week. I haven’t heard back from her yet.

This week I’d like to think I’m being patient. I’d like to think I can tolerate these delays without becoming annoyed or anxious. The truth is, I realise that this is just another stage of the writer’s journey and there is a long way to go. And I give my gratitude for each step along the way and celebrate because who knows – it may all come to naught. So am I waiting or am I being patient? A little of both seemingly.