The Devil’s in the Details

That’s right. I’m down to it. It’s just the way I like to do things. When I’m writing the first draft of a novel, I spend all of my time writing the main action of the scenes, all the dialogue and a bit about where it is happening.

What I don’t do is spend a terrific amount of time on description either of people or places. But now I’m at that stage of my novel. I’m doing sweeps back through it. And as I go, I edit. And while I do edit some bits out, for the most part, I add a lot more in (that’s why I don’t stress about the word count not being up where i think it “should” be).

What an odd way to do it, you say? Well, I do it that way because that’s just how it all comes into my head. And I want desperately to get the story out (or maybe it’s the story that wants desperately to get out – not sure which). It does mean, of course, that some things need to be re-written slightly, as I discover when I’m describing something that it couldn’t have possibly happened the way I originally wrote it.

But does it work? It works for me. And that’s what we’re all looking for. You do what works for you!


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