Leicester Writes…and more…

Last evening, Leicester Writers’ Club held an event for the Leicester Writes Festival. I was asked by the Club to be one of the panel members and discuss how the being a member of the Club has helped with my writing and how to interact with the publishing industry. I’m really glad this gave me a chance to reflect on my time with the Club.

One of the take aways from this exercise was I got to see my own character arc. I remember when I started at the Club, I wasn’t a very good writer and the first couple or so times I actually workshopped my manuscript, I felt like I’d been through the chopper. Then as I worked and my writing skills got better, there was a turning point reading for me that I remember clearly where I got as many compliments as I did critique for things that might not have worked so well. What a breakthrough!

Then I went on to discuss other events at the Club that have added to my development including the wondrous Masterclasses put on throughout the year by various members of the Club and our annual retreat in the Cotswolds.

But what I and other members of the panel came back to time and again is the amazing camaraderie and support we get from the other members of the Club. I deeply feel that each member wishes me well in my work and wants me to succeed – and I them! That’s priceless. My fellow panelist Liz Ringrose had the best line – “we catch each other when we fall”. I truly feel blessed!


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