Scriptum Hiatus-Induced Testiness (S*!T)

How does a blog get one into such trouble? After my blog ‘Keeping Your Head in It – Part I’ came out, my family called me, concerned for the safety of my partner. Ok, so I compared myself to Jack Nicholson in The Shining. Ok, so I talked about carrying an ax. But I knew that other writers would know exactly what I was talking about. I’m talking about the grumpiness that comes upon a writer when she/he is forced by some life circumstance to take a break from writing. I’m talking about times one really still wants – needs – to be writing, but somehow, something has interfered in such a way as to make it an impossibility.

But other writers would understand immediately it’s my inner Jack Nicholson I’m referring to. It’s an internal conflict. One day some of my writer friends and I were talking about these situations. Every one of them admitted to the same difficulty. We even came up with an acronym for it. Scriptum Hiatus-Induced Testiness (S*!T). (I had a terrible case of S*!T last autumn).

The condition is so prevalent among writers, my gut feeling is that S*!T gave Stephen King the idea for The Shining in the first place. After all, he’s admitted that he writes every day, no matter what. I postulate something came along that forced a break in his writing habit and the next thing you know, he’s writing a best seller about how crazy he gets when he can’t write! Good on him!

So relax, people. I’m busy now writing my own (b**t) seller, there’s no ax in the house and best of all, no S*!T in sight!


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