Keeping Your Head in It – Part I

I was having a conversation with another writer at the Writing Club last evening. She and I started at the Club around the same time. She told me that since then, she has written four novels. I was gob-smacked! “Four? Four! I’ve only written one and a half during the same time period!” I said.

I’m sure my devastation showed on my face because between that and my outburst, she sort of clucked consolingly. “You may not know it, but I’m a kept woman,” she confessed. “Writing is all I do. I have great admiration for anyone who works full-time and still manages to write anything.”

Oh. I was insanely envious for a moment. Because she’s correct. Working full-time and writing IN A STEADY MANNER takes real will power. It’s true that I write because I enjoy it. In fact, lets face it, writing is an absolute MUST for me – I’m not happy when I’m not writing. Some people might say periods where writing is nigh impossible make me grumpy. Some people might even say it makes Jane a very dull girl. Alright, it’s not quite The Shining, but it’s close. All that being said, it still takes real commitment to work on it every day. Because that is what it takes to really move it forward.

When I look back over the last year and see the patchy writing I was able to get in, I wouldn’t be surprised to see an ax in my hands. While I can see some of the reasons for the desultory nature of my writing over that period were unavoidable, I let some of the other things creep in. Bottom line: I’m not a kept woman. I just have to keep at it.



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