You Think That Scene Goes Where?

I started looking at my current novel on the go thinking, eek! That scene can’t follow this other one. Then I looked ahead and got in a bit of twist. I know I need all these scenes in the novel. They all have a purpose in the story. Part of the problem is that I haven’t written the scenes ahead so it’s difficult to see how they fit together – or even if they do fit together.

Then I remembered this story about the script of the Godfather. I don’t know if this is true, but the story goes that when the script came in, all the scenes of Michael Corleone in Italy where back-to-back together. If you’ll remember, in Italy Michael falls in love with Apollonia. These scenes, while beautiful, are rather slow. And put altogether, would have made that portion of the film very slow.

So what did they do? They re-arranged the scenes, interspersing the scenes in Italy of Michael and Apollonia with scenes of what was happening back in the US with Sonny being murdered and the like. So there’s my answer. I need to get it written. Then I can look at what I have and see how the scenes fit together. I can rearrange them until they make sense. Indeed, until I’m sure I’ve wrung the most out of them that I can.

Patience is a virtue for a writer. I try to have some – but I don’t always have time for that!



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