The Hard Chapters

Why is it that some chapters (thankfully most) are pretty straightforward. Some even just seem to write themselves. They flow like a woodland stream winding through a tangled forest. Just quietly and confidently getting on with it. When an obstacle is encountered, the stream quickly and easily finds a way around it as if it were nothing.

Then there are the others. You know what I mean, don’t you? These are the ones that make me feel as if I’m somehow stuck in the Mines of Moria. I beat them. I hammer them. I stick them back in the fire and hammer them again. I hammer relentlessly. I polish. I tear it apart, melt it down and start again. Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

You’ve probably guessed it, but yes, I’m working on one of those chapters now. I’m at the stage where I tore it apart (again), melted it down (again) and started over (again). I have a friend who’s a manager and she says 1% of the people she manages take up 25% of her time because they are so troublesome. Maybe this is just some law of Nature that 1% of things are difficult to test us. Almost like a Threshold Guardian. Do you really want to write this chapter? is what the Guardian is saying.

Well, if intention is anything (and I believe it is everything) let me declare myself now: I will finish this chapter and in a good way. And I’m thankful for how easily that is accomplished!


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