To Tweet or Not To Tweet…that’s NOT the question!

I have a writer friend who thinks that websites, tweeting and blogs are all rather unnecessary. I have tried to convince her otherwise, but there you have it. She is unmoved.

In lots of other worlds today, more and more work falls on the  foot soldier in the field. For instance, I have a friend who is an editor for a science journal. It used to be he had two administrative assistants to help him. Then it went down to one. Then to none. He had to beg them to give him back a 1/2 time assistant. I could give you lots of examples from other fields but I hope you get the picture. We’re all expected to do more with less.Today’s publishing world is no different.

And the world is a different place than even 25 years ago. If you grew up in a world without Tweeting, Blogging, or websites, you may not be used to them. But ignoring them won’t make them go away. Authors are expected to self-publicise/self-promote. Period.

Of course, there are always other reasons to blog. When your friends don’t listen to you, you can just go tell the world.


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