And the Award Goes To…

Yes, the Writing Club had its annual award ceremony this past week. And for the first time ever, I was nominated for an award. The Endeavor Award. Now, I must confess, I am not exactly sure what the basis for this award is, but I think it’s something like, ‘For those who’ve really worked their bohiney’s off but haven’t gotten anywhere yet.’

Ok, yes I was thrilled just to be nominated for an award. To be recognised by my fellow writers in any form is an honour. (Notice I didn’t win it. That honour went to my friend Peter and was richly deserved. The man is an amazing story teller, writer of short stories and spoken word pieces.)

But, my novel is still out their somewhere with some editor or another (seemingly in a galaxy far away). So next year, my goal is to be able to put myself in for a novel award because only with the publication of my novel can I get on the list. And that is what I keep giving my gratitudes for.


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