Imagining Story

Below is the Tudor gatehouse at Kenilworth Castle built in the time of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester. The windows you see on the ground floor would not have been there in Elizabethan times – that part was later remodelled. Instead, this building originally contained an archway leading into the Castle with a drawbridge over the moat directly in front of it.


On the first and second floor of the gatehouse lies an exhibit on the relationship between Queen Elizabeth I and her favourite, Lord Robert Dudley. It was after perusing the exhibit and walking around the Castle that I began to wonder what it would have been like during the time of the Earl. I began to imagine the wonder, excitement and perhaps trepidation the servants and workers in the Castle and surroundings must have felt knowing that the Queen would be coming for a visit. I began to imagine the pressure that the Earl would have put on everyone to make sure everything was perfect…and a story was born.

Drake popped into my head that day and The Knight of Kenilworth came forth.


3 thoughts on “Imagining Story

    • Yes, but the reason it took so long is because he not only built an entire block just for the Queen’s use, but also an entire new range for his own quarters as well as the gatehouse shown!


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