New Website Illustrations

I’m very excited to add some new illustrations to my website. I’ve worked with my good friend, Dori Kirchmair, an amazing artist, who has produced these illustrations – with more to come!

Now there is a new tab called ‘Kenilworth Castle’ with an illustration that shows exactly how the Castle would have looked when Drake lived there. You can see the kitchens and stable block where he works, the great hall where he serves food, the tiltyard where tilting (sometimes called jousting) takes place and lots more besides.

On the ‘Armour and Weapons’ page, you can now also see an illustration of a Quintain which is used to practice for the tilt. The pages use a wooden horse pulled by their fellows to learn this skill. The idea is to hit the shield with a lance and not get hit by the swinging sand bag hanging from the other end of the arm.

I’ve also added an illustration of Drake on the sidebar to your left. Let me know what you think!

And a very big thank you to my friend Dori!


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