Wolf Hall – thank you Anne Boleyn

As I watched the last episode of Wolf Hall, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Anne Boleyn. I’ve hardly ever read anything that puts her in a positive light. Ok, so she was vain (who at court wasn’t), temperamental (as if her husband wasn’t) and sharp-tongued. But witchcraft, adultery and incest? Honestly, give me a break! And on the opposite hand, was also known as vivacious, witty and intelligent. And Henry wasn’t the only one smitten.

But no matter which side of the divide you stand on, no matter what you say about her, no matter what qualities you subscribe to her, the wonder of it, and the bottom line is – she produced one of the greatest monarchs in English history – Elizabeth I. And all I can think is – thank heavens Henry didn’t have a boy that lived. If he had and he had been like Henry, I’m not sure England could have survived it. And certainly, it wouldn’t be the England we know and love today.

Thank you, Anne Boleyn.


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