When the Beginning is the Beginning

Maybe what I should have said is – when is the beginning the beginning? I wasn’t sure about the beginning to my second novel so I did the logical thing. I started in the middle.

And why not? Like lots of neophyte writers (or maybe all writers) I had my crisis of confidence, wondering if I really could write a second novel. I couldn’t even remember how I started the first one. How did I work up the plot? How did I create all those things that went into it? How did I decide who was doing what, when? And so on and on…

So, why not start in the middle? After all, finally through with the teeth chattering panic of  facing the blank page, I’d pulled my favourite DIY plot book off the shelf and started going through it. And as I did, things sprouted in my head and over the weeks, things started falling into place. So having been through the major plots points, I pretty much knew what the beats were. So I started with what I knew, trusting that the beginning would come to me.

That time has finally arrived! I’ve just written the beginning. But will it actually be the beginning? Only time will tell. I’ll have to sit with it for awhile. Let it ruminate. Let it alone. Go back to it. Read it over again. See how it all fits together. Run it past the members of my writers’ club.

Only then will I know. Only then will I be sure of the beginning. But one thing I am sure of now – sometimes you just have to start, beginning or not!


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