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Improving As a Writer

Ok, it’s been some time since I’ve written a blog. What have I been doing you ask? For one thing, I’m ecstatic that I finished the second novel in the Knight of Kenilworth series and sent it off to my agent about a month ago. Woohoo! It’s a time in any writer’s life to celebrate (and I took a short break and started a new job…but that’s another story).

Next, I turned my attention back to the first book in the series. Why? A while ago I was asked to speak at an event for Leicester Writers’ Club. As part of that event, I was asked to read out a sample from the Knight of Kenilworth. Of course I wanted to read something from the first book.

Whoa! I had to edit it prior to reading it. Why? Because in the span of time between finishing the first novel and now, I have grown as a writer. I’ve continued to hone my craft and that has paid off. And I can see it! Talk about another thing┬áto celebrate!

I’ve seen this progression as a writer happen to others. In fact, often you can see it if you follow a series from a particular author. Read some of their early work and then something from later. ┬áHard work, perseverance and constant writing pay off!


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